Family Christmas Devotionals

Christmas is a time of the year that should be a great opportunity to witness to our families and friends about the birth of our Savior.  The trappings of the world have tried very hard (and often successfully) to pull our attention away from Christ.  The only way a Christian will find success in their home is to take charge and proactively draw the attention of their family to Christ .  To that end, I would like to share this family devotional, entitled, “25 Gifts for Our Children”  Check it out!

While brainstorming with my husband on how to focus our family on the true meaning of Christmas, we came up with this unique idea for a daily family devotional for the first 25 days of December.   The goal is to show our children that everything good is found in Christ.  It is designed to be a daily family devotional, begun on December 1st and concluded on December 25th.  Each day, a Christian virtue or Biblical concept is briefly discussed.  You can use the list we created (see the spreadsheet) or create your own.  Most importantly, they should be godly virtues that you find meaningful and want to see instilled in the hearts of your children.  There are three files to download for this devotional.  They are linked from my husband’s website:

My husband has also posted some other Christmas devotional and lesson resources at  Enjoy!

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    It’s that time of year again and many of you might be looking for a Family Christmas Devotional. I am reposting this especially for you. Check out this free download and hope you have a blessed time teaching your family more about our Savior Jesus Christ this Christmas season.

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